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Glamorgan Heritage Coast & Countryside

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Wales in miniature

Dramatic cliffs, golden sands, rolling countryside, majestic mountains and unparalleled diversity. Where else but the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and Countryside?

The unique Glamorgan Heritage Coast Oqmore Castle

It is a beautiful region where history tumbles out to greet you around every corner. In fact it's like Wales in miniature. Everything in close proximity. Castles, ancient inns, mysterious mansions, rugged coast and inspiring churches, all contained within 28 miles of coastal scenery that also includes villages, towns, history and legends. Everything you could possibly want in a great holiday is here.

If you are looking for something a little more active, this is the place as the area combines natural and historic attractions with up to the minute sports and activities, particularly surfing and other water sports. It's also a modern thriving community with fascinating ancient towns offering local produce and large 'out-of-town' centres with nationally known chain stores.

If good food and wine with friends is your 'forte' then there is ample opportunity to dine in intimate restaurants overlooking the hills or the coast. Sit back and enjoy a musical or variety show at one of the professional theatres. Spend an evening under the stars at an open air opera concert or a fun fair. Otherwise, just enjoy the evening with a stroll in the warm coastal air.

Here in the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and Countryside, you can be as active as you want to be or you can just follow the locals and 'blend-in' with our 'laid-back' atmosphere and attitude to life; and all this at the most Southerly point in Wales.